Minimum Viable Messaging for Startups

Few things make a content developer (aka writer) happier than a complete product messaging roadmap. For details, see What the Writer Wants from a Product Messaging Document. We know that content development and review cycles will be smooth sailing if there’s a…

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Freelance horror stories: Undead projects

Here’s the latest installment in my “freelance horror stories” – “undead” projects. If you’re a freelancer, you know that these are frighteningly real.  And if you hire freelancers, this may help you understand that fleeting look of fear when you…

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The true costs of freelance writing projects

In a tight economy, some companies try to save money on writing projects by outsourcing to other countries, or by using sites like Elance to find inexpensive freelancers.  A recent MarketingProfs article discussed the challenges of using sites like Elance….

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Content templates pit consistency against creativity

Is it a good idea to create content templates for marketing collateral? Or do they stifle creativity and create boring papers and web pages? I’m not talking about Word templates or formatting templates. I’m referring to writer’s guidelines that indicate…

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How to ask a writer for a white paper

I love it when a client asks me to write a white paper. But I am even happier when we both understand exactly what kind of white paper they want. There are as many different types of white papers as…

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Ghost blogging: who’s behind that byline?

photo © 2006 | more info (via: Wylio) I distinctly remember the first time I learned that the quotes in press releases weren’t actually spoken by the people to whom they were attributed. I was a naïve college student,…

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What the writer wants from a product messaging document

My last post highlighted the top 5 reasons to create a product messaging document. But I neglected to say what should go into that document. The actual form and scope of a product message document can vary. I’ve seen 100+…

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Top 5 reasons to create a product messaging map

I was talking with a client the other day, who told me that he’d gotten some pushback for creating a product messaging document.  Some people didn’t understand why he was spending the time creating an internal messaging document rather than…

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It’s 2011: Your content just got a year older

Guess what? We just flipped from 2010 to 2011, and all of your great marketing content now looks one year older to users scanning the publication dates. It’s not like marketing content has a ‘sell by’ date like a carton…

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Business blogging: Meeting the Post-a-Week challenge

As a freelance writer, I have been involved with several different clients’ corporate blogging efforts. Consistently, the most challenging part of the blogging effort has been ‘feeding the beast’—posting frequently.  An abandoned blog lingering on your corporate website is like…

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