The curse of the familiar

Sometimes the greatest value I can offer a client is a fresh, outside perspective. For example, I worked with a client recently that was making a major proposal to a customer. As I talked with them, several things became clear:…

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Survey says: Don’t trash those white papers yet

I love it when research comes out to back up my positions. A couple weeks back I posted a blog called Old Marketing Channels Never Die – the premise being that with all of the buzz about social networks, videos,…

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Where are the social media failure stories?

I’ve attended a number of webinars about using social media in marketing, and keep hearing wonderful success stories — sometimes stories about the same companies over and over. (Zappos again? Really?) For all the social media success stories you hear,…

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Content marketing: What’s your subtext?

In theater, subtext is the message that the actor is delivering beyond or behind the explicit dialog. It’s an important core of so-called method acting. What does subtext have to do with content marketing? Everything. One of the core tenets…

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Content marketing and the inevitable sales objections

Into every sales cycle a little rain must fall – prospects get cold feet, someone raises an objection, the IT group puts up a roadblock. In her excellent book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, Ardath Albee calls these “step…

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