It's the part of every writing project that gets squeezed when deadlines are tight.

Yet it's critical to your success.

This course is about doing revision right - supporting each other, meeting the business objectives, and serving the reader.




Course Description

Revision is where good writing turns into something special. It's your final chance to make sure that the content you're creating is effective and represents the business well. It's worth figuring out how to do revision as effectively as possible.

The right approaches and practices make all the difference. For teams of writers at work, getting everyone aligned about revision makes the entire team more productive.

(You might just get along better, too.)

Learn how to approach revision to serve the reader, advance the business, and support each other.


What You'll Learn

  • When and how to revise to make it as easy as possible
  • Why you should work from the top down when revising
  • How to find the weasels and weaklings in your prose
  • How to ask for, and provide, effective feedback to team members
  • How to support each other when deadlines are tight
  • The real value of a style guide - and how to make one quickly


  • Live, interactive meeting with Q&A

    Half of this pilot course is delivered as a live, interactive meeting; attend it live or watch the recording.

  • Transcripts and handouts

    Download transcripts and checklists to accompany the classes.

  • On-Demand Videos

    Access the exercises and lessons in video, at your own pace

  • Practical exercises

    Add new revision skills to your repertoire with the revision assignments

  • Ongoing access

    You will have ongoing access to the course as the final version is launched.

Who Benefits from This Class

Anyone who revises other people's writing or who collaborates with team members and colleagues in writing can benefit. This includes: 

  • Writers on content marketing teams
  • Customer success teams generating content for customers
  • Freelance writers working with client teams
  • Editors of corporate blogs

We'll cover topics such as:

  • Revising to help the reader's flow or meet business objectives
  • Communicating and sticking to a style guide
  • How to revise other people's work, sensitively!
  • How to ask cover each other when time is tight

Early adopters are welcome. This is a pilot course, so I'll be looking for feedback to help me improve it before it's set in stone.



Team Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the format for this class?

This class is delivered in two parts. Part one - revising your own writing - is available right away in video. Do this in your own time. Part two - revising on teams - will happen as a live meeting, together. You'll get handouts ahead of the class and exercises to do afterward.

Can I get the recordings if I can’t be there in the live webinar?

Yes, everyone in the team course will have access to the recordings.

I'm also interested in the Revising Your Writing course - which one should I take?

The “team” revision course has all of the content of the basic revision course, plus other information specific to teams. By taking this one, you'll get the content of the basic revision class.

Will I have ongoing access to the webinar or class?

Yes, you will have access to the recording of the class, as well as the video lessons in part one.


About the Instructor


As the author of Subscription Marketing, Anne Janzer is an outspoken advocate of using content to add value to the business and sustain the ongoing customer relationship. 

This course consolidates the lessons learned and practices refined in years of working as a freelance writer with more than a hundred technology companies. Her clients have included major industry titans as well as scrappy startups.

Anne has also written two books on the craft and skills of writing. The Writer's Process discusses the inner game of balancing productivity and creativity. The Workplace Writer's Process describes the organizational and "team sport" part of business writing, and is the basis for much of this course.


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