Whether you love it or hate it, your writing needs it. Your readers deserve it. 

Good writing grows great in revision - so it's always worth doing better. Yet sometimes we waste time, get lost, or resist revising.

Want to get better, faster, and more efficient in revising your writing?

Course Description

Revision is my favorite part of the writing process - but that wasn't always the case. Sometimes I didn't leave enough time for it, or didn't want to do it, or wouldn't know when to stop. I had to learn to love revision.

I created this course to share my best revision practices with you.

We'll cover why, when, and how to revise your own writing, tactics for strengthening your prose, and what to do when you don't have much time for revision.

What You'll Learn

  • When to start revising
  • How to work from the top down when revising
  • How to use the "GPS Test" on your writing
  • How to find the weasel words and weak links in your prose
  • What to do when time is tight

Each short video lesson includes exercises that you can use to put the lessons into practice right away.

  • Online Videos

    Watch the lessons at your own pace

  • Transcripts and handouts

    Download transcripts and checklists to accompany the class.

  • Revision Exercises

    Add new revision skills to your repertoire with targeted exercises.

  • Ongoing access

    You'll have ongoing access to the course; revisit it any time.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Writers of all types need to revise, rework, and edit their words. This online course is best suited to nonfiction writers. It will cover topics like:

  • Revising to help the reader's flow
  • Achieving a conversational tone
  • Easy ways to strengthen your prose 

We will not cover topics specific to fiction writing, such as plot, character, dialog, etc.

Writers on Teams

If you're part of a team at work (revising other people's work, or having other people revise your writing), then you may be interested in the Team Edition of this course. Contact me for more information.


  • Renee Rubin Ross
    I've learned so much about writing and disciplined creativity from Anne Janzer. I'm already using the suggestions from the course to revise and improve my writing." Renee Rubin Ross Consulting
    Renee Rubin Ross
  • Revising Your Writing is well-paced, clear and simple. Anne teaches us the smart methods with easy-to-follow video lessons. The downloadable transcripts and revision exercises are convenient to review off-line. I also appreciated seeing Anne in action revising sample pieces in lessons 3 and 4.
    J.B., Vancouver, BC Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the format for this class?

The class is delivered as a series of short videos, each with associated exercises. It takes about an hour to watch all of the videos. How long you spend on the exercises is up to you!

I’m a fiction writer. Will this course help me revise my novel?

This course doesn't talk about fiction-specific elements like plot and character. But it will help you tighten up the prose.

Will I have ongoing access to the class?

Yes, you can take the class at your own pace, with ongoing access to the videos and handouts.



About the Instructor


Anne is committed to helping writers do the work that matters to them, either personally or professionally. As the author of The Writer's Process and The Workplace Writer's Process , Anne is a huge advocate of tuning and optimizing your end-to-end writing process.

This course consolidates the lessons learned and practices refined in years of working as a freelance writer with more than a hundred technology companies - creating effective content on tight schedules.