Do you have ideas you want to share with the world? Do you hope or plan to write a book, and need some guidance on where to start?

If you’re serious about writing a book, and ready to commit some time to working on it in earnest, this course is a great place to start.

Course Description

This self-paced course consists of five modules covering topics such as finding your specific topic, identifying your target audience, researching the market, and creating a writing/research plan.

Whether you're still figuring out your topic or are actively working on your book, you'll find ideas that help you tailor your message for the right audience, supplement your expertise with research, and refine your vision for the book.

It's time to move from ideas to action.


What You'll Learn

  • Strategies for exploring and refining your book’s topic
  • Methods for conducting market research
  • The power of an ideal reader - and how to identify yours
  • How to “own” your expertise, and supplement it as needed 

What's Included

  1. Online lessons
  2. Hands-on assignments for each module
  3. 30-minute consultation about your book



Get started on your book today

Do Not Sign Up For This Course If...

This course isn’t for everyone. Don’t take it if you’re looking for:

No-work or low-work book strategies. If you’re looking for advice on how to write your book in a weekend, or how to hire ghost-writers to do the work for you, this isn’t the course for you.

Best-seller guarantees: You might write a best-seller, become famous, or make truckloads of money from your book. That would be great. But I cannot teach you how to do that. This course can set you on a path to writing a book that provides real value to a clearly identified audience. 

Fiction writing strategies: While fiction writers might find something useful in the market research and target audience section, this course is designed for nonfiction authors.


  • Chris Syme, founder of CKSyme Media and co-host of the award-winning Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast
    I highly recommend this course for writers who want the best possible instruction from a teacher who knows their stuff."
    Chris Syme, founder of CKSyme Media and co-host of the award-winning Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast
  • Joel D Canfield, Author and Writing Coach
    This course codifies, clarifies, and simplifies the often excruciating decisions regarding what book to write. There are links to useful tools throughout. If you want to write a nonfiction book, start here."
    Joel D Canfield, Author and Writing Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know exactly what my book will be about. Does this course help?

Yes! The first module of this class is about finding your specific topic. I’ll share with you the general approach I’ve used to define each of the books I’ve written.

I’m already working on a book - would this course help me?

Yes, the exercises in this course can help you hone in on your ideal reader and target audience, do necessary market research, and strengthen your research plan.

What’s the format of the course?

The course is delivered online, mostly through written content, with a few short videos. The assignment are the real meat of the course.

Bonus: Purchase this course and get a free 30-minute consultation with me about your book. Take the course first, gather up your questions, and we'll schedule a phone or video call.

How long will it take to complete?

That’s almost entirely up to you. Because the lessons are mostly text (with a few videos), it shouldn’t take you long to simply read and understand the course. You could breeze through it all in an afternoon without doing the assignments. But you won’t get nearly as much value from the course if you do this. I’d recommend allocating four weeks, as the course has four modules (plus a concluding one), and each module has an assignment that can take some time to complete. It’s a good idea to give yourself time to ponder and incubate ideas between the modules.

Is this course relevant for memoir writers?

Memoir writers will definitely find useful information about finding your market and doing the research. However, the course is not geared specifically to the challenges of memoir.

Will you teach me how to write a best-selling book?

Not exactly. This course will set you on a path that could end up in a best-seller. You’ll learn how to do the market research, and how to set yourself up to write a book that people will want to read. But this course is not about marketing or promotion itself.

Will I have ongoing access to the class?

Yes, you can take the class at your own pace.

What if I don't find it useful?

If you don't find value in the course, let me know and I'll refund the course fee.

About the Instructor

Anne is committed to helping writers do the work that matters to them, either personally or professionally. As the author of the award-winning books  The Writer's Process and Writing to Be Understood: What Works and Why, she is a practitioner and life-long student of the craft of nonfiction writing.