Whether you love it or hate it, your writing needs it. Your readers deserve it.

If you want to be a better writer, first become a better reviser.

This course will help you take your revision practices up a notch.


The Live Pilot Course is Completed

For a limited time, you can purchase the recorded pilot course from this page. See below.

Course Description

Revision is my favorite part of the writing process - but only because I approach it with a plan.

In this course, I'll share that plan with you. We'll cover how to approach revision for optimal productivity, tactics for making your writing more powerful and effective, and what to do when you don't have much time to revise.

(Next month, I'll offer a separate "team revision" course for workplace writers on teams.)

What You'll Learn

  • How to work from the top down when revising
  • How to use the "GPS Test" on your writing
  • How to find the weasels and weak links in your prose
  • What to do when time is tight

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  • Live, interactive webinar

    The pilot course is an interactive online meeting; attend it live or watch the recording.

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  • Revision Exercises

    Add new revision skills to your repertoire with targeted exercises.

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Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Writers of all types need to revise, rework, and edit their words. This online course is best suited to nonfiction writers. It will cover topics like:

  • Revising to help the reader's flow
  • Achieving a conversational tone
  • Easy ways to strengthen your prose 

We will not cover topics specific to fiction writing, such as plot, character, dialog, etc.

Early adopters are welcome! This is a pilot course, so I'll be looking for feedback to help me improve it before it's finalized in video.

Guarantee: If you don't learn anything useful, I'll gladly refund the course fee. 

Writers on Teams

If you're part of a team at work, then you may be interested in the Team Edition of this course, coming in April. Contact me for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the format for this class?

Because it’s a pilot, we're doing this course live, together. It will look very much like an online meeting using Zoom. You'll get handouts ahead of the class and revision exercises to do after the fact.

Can I get the recordings if I can’t be there in the live webinar?

Yes, I'll make the recordings available to everyone in the pilot course.

I’m interested in both the "team" revision course and this one – which one should I take?

The “team” revision course has all of the content of the basic revision course, plus other information specific to teams. So, sign up for that one. 

Will I have ongoing access to the webinar or class?

As a pilot participant, you are helping me shape the final class. I’ll make sure that you have access to the finalized class when it’s available later this year.

Can I share this pilot course link with other people?

Yes, help me fill the classes! Just make sure that people understand that it’s a pilot and I’m looking for their feedback and suggestions.

When does registration end?

Registration closes at 5pm Pacific on Wednesday, March 14 - or when it reaches the registration limit - whichever happens first!

What happens when if class fills up?

If you wait too long, you can get on the waiting list for the next class.


About the Instructor


As the author of Subscription Marketing, Anne Janzer is an outspoken advocate of using content to add value to the business and sustain the ongoing customer relationship. 

This course consolidates the lessons learned and practices refined in years of working as a freelance writer with more than a hundred technology companies. Her clients have included major industry titans as well as scrappy startups.

Anne has also written two books on the craft and skills of writing. The Writer's Process discusses the inner game of balancing productivity and creativity. The Workplace Writer's Process describes the organizational and "team sport" part of business writing, and is the basis for much of this course.