3 Reasons to Love Long-Form Content

   by  SimplySteff,    Someone asked me recently, “Do people even read white papers anymore?” The question is understandable, especially if you’re not in B2B technology. The trend in content marketing is towards short, “snackable” content that’s easy to share. And I applaud…

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Content marketing, technology and sustainability

After spending many years writing about the role of technology in business, I’m expanding my horizons to explore technology’s role in sustainable development. I’ll keep writing here about content marketing and technology, but I’m also starting a parallel blog on…

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Social media in marketing: A work in progress

Are we getting any smarter about using social media in marketing?  Not according to Duke’s most recent CMO survey. The Duke CMO Survey Twice a year, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business conducts a survey of Chief Marketing Officers. What…

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Time-shifting tools

As a self-employed person, I really value having control over my time. That’s why I’m excited by time-shifting tools that let me do things when I want to do them.  I’m not alone in this; time-shifting is the reason we…

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Social media failure stories, revisited

Social media is the new marketing imperative for nearly every type of business.  Those of us in the marketing world read social media ‘success stories’ all the time and learn from them. But I think we learn as much, or…

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Budgeting your social media time

  by  steve.grosbois  Last week I wrote about budget spending on social media in B2B marketing. But that discussion left out the question of time. We all only have 24 hours in a day. Time is truly our most precious commodity. And…

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On the Internet, no one knows you’re not there

  by  PinkMoose  With social media and smart phones, technology marketers can be online and connected all the time.  This is a two-edged sword. It’s easy to feel like should always be online and available, even when you’re home or on vacation. …

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5 lifelines for a lonely business blog

Business blogging is picking up steam. New research from HubSpot shows that 65% of the businesses surveyed published a business blog, up from 48% two years ago. But many business blogs are fairly lonely places. I’ve already written about business…

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Thought leadership is overrated

photo © 2007 Brian Hillegas | more info (via: Wylio) “We want this to be a ‘thought leadership’ blog.” Have you heard that before? “Thought leadership” can be a convenient reason for undertaking all kinds of marketing initiatives without clearly…

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Social media marketing spending: the time vs. money equation

photo © 2010 Oldmaison | more info (via: Wylio) I just found some hard data on the costs of social media efforts, and had to post a follow-up to my post last week on social media costs (5 signs that…

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