About Anne Janzer and this blog

I help technology companies connect with their customers through written content.

Technology marketing isn’t just about getting leads anymore. To get attention in crowded markets, technology companies have to demonstrate thought leadership. To earn trust, they must provide useful information focused on the customer’s needs, cutting through complexity. And to keep customers in subscription-based business models, companies have to demonstrate ongoing value.

I help B2B technology companies achieve these objectives through written content, including ghost-written blogs and articles, website copy, thought-leadership papers and lead nurturing content.

My clients include established market leaders and fast-moving startups. I’m deeply interested in the role technology can play in solving our larger social and environmental problems.

This blog is a forum for assembling, for myself and others, some of the things I learn along the way while interacting with the smart and forward-looking businesses and individuals that surround me.

I am also exploring the role of technology in environmental sustainability, on my blog Technology and Sustainability.

And, when not writing marketing content, I’m a singer – currently singing with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.

I welcome your comments. If you want to talk with me directly, send me an email at ajanzer@marketingdocs.com or visit me on me on Google+:
Anne Janzer

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